Arguably the greatest Scottish boxer of all time, Ken Buchanan was the undisputed lightweight world champion between 1968 and 1972. He was a clever fighter who managed 62 wins in 70 professional bouts, including 28 knockouts.

He won his world title in a fifteen round epic against Ismael Laguna in the 100 degree Puerto Rican heat. Buchanan’s crafty boxing style enabled him to shade the decision by the odd point and he reigned for four years as undisputed World Champion.

His title was controversially lost to a technical knockout against the great Roberto Duran. After an impressive battle, the Panamanian landed what looked like a low blow which floored Buchanan and gave the title to Duran, who was sufficiently shaken by Buchanan’s style to refuse a rematch. Indeed, Ismael Laguna, once Duran’s sparring partner, is said to have told Buchanan that he thought the Scotsman was the better boxer.