If you are looking for a former England player who can laugh at himself and the vagaries of life, then Ray is your man. He was a skillful and energetic midfield player with Arsenal, Middlesbrough and Hull City, and collected 10 international caps during the reign of Kevin Keegan.

Ray has a sharp sense of humour, and recognised the irony when the Gunners’ fans nicknamed him ‘The Romford Pelé.’ The supporters voted him Arsenal’s most under-rated player, because he did so much of the graft without getting the glory.

He made the headlines for the wrong reasons when his divorce led to him paying out a record sum in alimony, and his many adventures off the pitch have turned him into an entertaining teller of tales of the unexpected.

Ray is in demand as a broadcaster with Radio 5 Live and Talksport, and continues to turn out for the England Legends with all his old enthusiasm and energy. When you book Parlour you’re guaranteed that Ray’s a laugh.