It has been pointed out that various people are offering Paul for events. Be warned, he won’t accept any bookings from anyone except us . We have been trying hard to look after him for the past six years. We have has a barrel full of laughs and some great times but there have been a few blips and hard times as well. But Paul will point out that when everyone else was ignoring him, we were helping him out and looking after him at all times. Suddenly, he is having a better time of things and people are coming out of the woodwork purporting to represent him, well they don’t , we haven’t done any live shows for a couple of years because the time was not right for Paul. Now we feel he is ready to go back on the road and we are testing the water with around ten theatre shows bunched around either side of Xmas. If and only if these are successful, we may look at dinners after that. It has to be right for him, not the promoters but just to reiterate, the only place anyone can book him is here at A1 SPORTING SPEAKERS Contact for more info